PRP (Vampire Lift Derma)

PRP is platelets rich plasma made from spinning blood down and removing the red cells. Platelets are the elements of the blood that initiate the healing process and if you cut yourself or you peak a leg, the body responds by rushing platelets to the area to initiate healing process. These are called growth factors. They can stimulate blood vessel formation, collagen and cell growth.

Fast and effective delivery of PRP in tolerable manner is trough Dermapen. After blood is collected and centrifuged PRP is painted onto your face, neck and hands, if you wish. Dermapen creates patterns of controlled injury that heal quickly and promote penetration of various growth factors and other beneficial components.

Additionally this method can be used to improve appearance of stretch marks and surgical scars with very pleasing outcomes for the patient. Beauty of this treatment is in it’s simplicity, ease of use, safety and efficacy, especially in relation to cost.

Price single treatment $400
Package of 3              $1050


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