REVOLUTION Slim is an innovation, comfortable and weight loss. Microcapsules enrich the fiber with natural active substances, such as caffeine, retinol, fatty acids, aloe vera and vitamin E. As a result, it can remould your body and reduce the damage caused by cellulite, which affects up to 90% of women. It is made from a new generation fiber connected with natural rubber.

REVOLUTION Slim is a new paradigm in fitness. The material brings out feminine beauty without requiring any changes in your day, every day. While engaging in physical activity, it stimulates the microcirculation of the skin, causing the tissues to receive more oxygen, and as a result, acceleration fat burning.

REVOLUTION Slim is made with a highly effective next generation techno fibre. The material feels like a second skin- it adjusts itself to the body perfectly and allows complete freedom of movement. It’s also very light exceptionally thin (not-see-through), and guarantees maximum muscle control.

REVOLUTION Slim is completely breathable; the Movements are not restricted; the material does not constrict the body and it maintains its shape, even after many users. It is smooth and pleasant to the touch and is resistant to active chlorine. Tests also reveal that REVOLUTION Slim has the highest level of abrasion resistance-level 5!!! This provides protection from UV rays (UPF 50+).

Clinical tests on safety on the safety and effectiveness of REVOLUTION Slim confirmed its extraordinary ability to reduce cellulite and eliminate fatty tissues. These tests were positively sustained by dermo-cosmetic assessments carried out by Bio Basic Europe Milan. These dermatological test verify that the products does not irritate skin, redefines the figure and makes skin smoother and less prone to swelling.
Tests conducted over 56 days on 20 women aged between 18 and 60, who were wearing REVOLUTION Slim clothing for 8 hours a day no extra massages, creams , herbal teas or other treatment, confirmed that REVOLUTION Slim fights cellulite and reduces localised fat deposits.

After 56 days of wearing REVOLUTION Slim, the tests revealed:

- A reduction of up to 2.5 cm in high and hip girth
- 75% reduction of the ‘orange peel’ skin syndrome
- 85% increase in skin firmness
- An improvement in skin microcirculation in 80% of cases.

The active substances in the material retain their properties for up to 100 washes. REVOLUTION Slim clothing items are also ideal for many sporting disciplines like: running, jogging, aerobic, fitness etc.

You don’t need to change your lifestyle to be slim.
Nevertheless the best way to increase the working effect of REVOLUTION Slim is doing exercise.

Thanks to the newest “Revolution ¬†Slim Collection” product line, you can feel beautiful whatever your lifestyle is.


- Resistant to pilling
- Breathable
- Features shape memory
- Does not shrink
- Quick-drying
- Thin but not see-through

Deep Cleavage Blouse: $90 Knee Length Leggings: $88
Low-Cut Top: $88 Stirrup Leggings: $99
High Waist Briefs: $58 High Waist Long Leg Briefs: $72
Knee Length High Waist Leggings: $82 Woman's Polo Neck: $80
Leggings 3/4: $92 Body: $80

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